Welcome to the Inner Circle website.

Inner Circle was formed by Mature and Active players on Kilrogg EU over 3 years ago, and has a long history of progression raiding through Burning Crusade and Wrath.

Whilst being a fun and enjoyable, friendly guild outside of raids, we do take progression raiding seriously and always aim to be doing end game content as soon as it becomes available.

Any players that are interested in joining Inner Circle should fill out an application by signing up for our forums. 

Make sure you answer the questions in detail, and remember that we are looking for players who will contribute to the social AND raiding aspects of the guild.

But before you apply please make sure you have...

- Experience, at least in all WotLK content.
- Decent gear for the current content.
- All your gear enchanted and gemmed with the best currently available.

With kind regards,

The Inner Circle Team.